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this grrl

Updated Legitimate Sites to Make Extra $/Earn Prizes

you earn digital dollars called Swag Bucks for doing things like searching the web and shopping online. Once you start collecting Swag Bucks, you can use them to get cool, free prizes. I've been doing it for 3 months and I already have $100 in amazon gift cards sitting in my account so this site is totally legit and addicting!

same thing as swagbucks for the most part - you earn points through searching and recommending sites. i've earned two $5 amazon gift cards in the past month i've been doing it!

again, similar to swagbucks. earn zoombucks through seaching and shopping online and doing surveys. haven't earn any prizes yet but i am well on my way!

polls that you take every few hours and you can earn cash from it! pretty addicting. just join a day ago and have $0.77 so far.

Crowdtap is a new site that lets you ideate, engage and promote with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits and startups. Not only is it fun and easy to use but you earn cash for gift cards and charity for your participation. In fact, you earn your first dollar just for signing up.

this is a click ad site that pays every friday no matter what, even if it's just $ 0.10 or something. it's in the beginning stages but it's nice to always be paid no matter what! i've been paid every week thus far!
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