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proven_free's Journal

definitely free
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Here's a community for all that free stuff on the web, that's PROVEN FREE. Don't make a post unless you have already recieved your payment or gift from the site. This will save alot of wasted time on sites that are nothing but scams! Paid to read sites, paid to click, referrals, swaping referrals, free stuff, get paid for surfing the net, anything free welcome! Some of the PTR sites may get a lil' confusing, have questions about a site? Post it here.

1.Join. Do not post in this community unless you are a member.
2.If someone does a referral for you, return the favor.
3.You can post free stuff and referrals as long as you know for a fact they are not scams. Only post about a site if you have already been paid from it. Thanks.
4.If you make a referral post please tell us lil' about the site. (payout rate, how long it took you to get paid, ect.)
5.1 referral/site per post! But post as often as you want.
6.Please put the name of the site or free item in the subject.